Pizza one of the most loved dishes, even I fall for it. Happiness that come in packed box. Right! One of the most loved and popular food item in this world.

Making pizza at home is much simpler than we think. There are many recipes online but this is much loved by my family.

You’ll be in love with this homemade pizza recipe. So, let’s start :


. Ready made pizza bases

. 1/2 cup capsicum

. 1 small onion

.1 ripe tomato

. 2/4 cup Amul mozzarella cheese grated

. Salt to taste

. Pepper powder

. 1 teaspoon oregano

. 1/2 teaspoon butter

. 1 tsp red chilli flakes

Pizza sauce

1 tsp butter/ oil

1/2 cup chopped onions

3 garlic cloves crushed

3/4 ripe tomato pureed

Tomato paste

1tsp oregano

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp sugar

1 tsp black pepper.

Basics of base.

  • The base forms the structure of your pizza : you can choose ready made pizza bases or can make one at home but make sure that you knead the dough properly and pay attention to the ingredients that you add.
  1. To make sauce, take a pan And add butter then add chopped onion, garlic until the raw smell goes away.

2. Then add tomato sauce, paste and other ingredients and bring to boil. Turn off the gas when it turns to thicken. Let it cool.

3. keep the sauce aside. You can also use it for a week . As you have to store it in a refrigerator.

4. Preheat the oven to 180°c.

5. Take the pizza base and spread the butter over it specially on the edges.

6. Now spread good amount of sauce over the base.

7. Then spread half amount of the grated cheeze over the sauce layer.

8. Now place the chopped capsicum, tomatoes, onion as much as you like on the cheeze layer.

9. Spread the remaining cheeze over the topping. You can also add olives and Basil leave if you like.

10. Sprinkle some oregano and red chilli flakes.

11. Bake it on preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes on 180°c

12. Take it out. Rest it for 2 minutes. and serve the home made pizza.

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